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Animated Flash™ web design "some we made earlier"

With Flash™, creative professionals design and author interactive content rich with video, graphics, and animation for truly unique, engaging websites, presentations or mobile content.

Clearly writing a websites completely in Flash is not for everyone. There are many things to consider going down the Flash route. Websites that are built completely in flash, all face one BIG problem. Though there is evidence that search engines can 'see' inside Flash sites it is still long way from 20/20 vision. And then there is is cost, Flash websites are expensive to build compared to their HTML counterparts.

That said some still find it a necessary sacrifice, and some even have an additional HTML version built too.


JMDA Design

JMDA (John Martin Design Associates)
JMDA is a highly interactive product design consultancy, integrating internal and client resources to accelerate speed to market and optimise design productivity.

Type : Complete Flash web site
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