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Bespoke Software Development

Developing a successful software product is as much a marketing and financial management exercise as a technical challenge. Successful products satisfy specific, well-identified customer needs. Such products cannot be created randomly or by technical experts working in isolation from the marketplace.

The importance of the customer or end-user involvement from the beginning of the development stage is often ignored. Developers can often fail to recognise the need for a customer profile which identifies the potential users of the product their functional needs, their computer skill level.

Case Study

Techflow Products Ltd is a Sussex based company that manufactures, distributes and maintains servicing and maintenance for a large range of Shower Pumps for the domestic and commercial markets.

Rapidpage received a Request For Tender from Techflow to automate their entire operation, The objective was to radically reduce man hours of administration tasks. In their words "everything that could automated would be automated".

This was to be a herculean undertaking, the data was stored in a variety of ways including spreadsheets, databases and good old fashioned pieces of paper. Added to this was the complexity of their operating procedures which only came to light when writing the technical specification, as is often the case.

  • Stock control database
  • Order tracking
  • Engineer report tracking
  • Invoicing and accountancy Module

Aft re only a few short months the system was up and running.

"we are extremely happy with the Pump Service Database which you developed for us.We have now been using the database for 12 months and the system has dramatically reduced admin time when recording and issuing service requests and has radically improved trace ability when looking at service history"

Ian Beaumont
Technical Director
Techflow Products Ltd.